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Act III of Romeo and Juliet

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A summary of what happened in Act III of Romeo and Juliet is included.

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Dear Student,
Thank you so much for posting with us on this Shakespearean tragic play. Part of my specialty lies within the Shakespearean drama. It is my utmost favorite of all tragic plays while the opposite of a tragic play is the comedy plays that Shakespeare wrote as well: one of the famous ones he wrote would be "A Midsummer Night's Dream". (Thought I might include a side note.)

I would urge you to try and understand Romeo and Juliet because this is like the most popular/easiest to understand play. I will answer the questions, but it's more fun when the student actually tries to research about the play as well.

In Act III, it is where the fight scene takes place between Romeo and Tybalt because Tybalt actually requested it that Romeo fight with him since the Montagues crashed the Capulet's dance party (where Romeo first met Juliet)...Here's a brief summary of what happens in ACT III as you requested~

Immediately in Act III, scene i, is the fight between Romeo and Tybalt where Tybalt first stabbed Mercutio (Romeo's cousin/kinsman). Because of that, Romeo becomes even more urged to fight Tybalt (pay back time). If you're using the Riverside edition, around line 132, Tybalt falls right after he and ...

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Act III of Romeo and Juliet is summarized.

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