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Various romantic relationships portrayed in Mhudi

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Develop a plan for an essay topic. The plan should be one page length.

Discuss the various romantic relationships that are portrayed in Mhudi. It will be useful to consider that Plaatjie had been very influenced by Shakespeare, and had translated works into Zulu. Romeo and Juliet had been particularly influential.

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The various romantic relationships portrayed in Mhudi are provided. A plan is developed for an essay topic.

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You need assistance developing a one-page plan for an essay topic. Your topic is to focus on the various romantic relationships that are portrayed in Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje's Mhudi.

While creating your plan, you have been asked to consider that Plaatje translated works by AND was influenced by William Shakespeare. You have also been told that Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet was particularly influential.

Since your directions include a reference to Romeo and Juliet, your instructor is leading you (partially) down the path s/he desires this assignment follow.

First, let me point out two issues to consider in terms of tackling this essay:
1) Consider the influence of Shakespeare in terms of the author's WORK, not his life. (Many of Shakespeare's works were RECREATIONS of older pieces, thus HIS life wasn't the primary influence. Romeo and Juliet is NOT an original story.)
2) Consider Plaatje's LIFE and WORK. (If South African history hasn't been explained to you, look into the basics about Mfecane (i.e. "The Crushing").


Mhudi is the first known novel written by a BLACK South African. It was edited and published approximately ten years later, in 1930, by the Lovedale Press. (The complete manuscript was published in 1978; it ...

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