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    Queen Mab

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    I am looking for any information about Queen Mab. Including origin, culture, description, attitudes about, and anything else interesting. Also need references to her from literature, etc. (besides Mercutio's speech in Romeo and Juliet, of course).

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    First of all, as you look for origins and insights about Queen Mab, you might trace how she was one of the queens of the fairies in both English and Irish traditions.

    Besides her obvious allusion in Romeo and Juliet as one whose "realm is the natural one, of spiders and plants and grubs, but with an unearthly air to them, manufacturing things from moonbeams" (http://www.maryjones.us/jce/mab.html), research also shows her literary presence in Shelley's poem at http://www.readbookonline.net/readOnLine/11092/.

    Please note how in Shakespeare, she is present as the "fairies' midwife" (http://www.factmonster.com/dictionary/brewers/mab.html). In other words, she operates more as the midwife of dreams.

    As you look at her prominent presence in Romeo and Juliet, she is there immediately in Act I, scene IV, when Mercutio delivers his speech about her as she rides through the night on her tiny wagon bringing dreams to sleepers (http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/romeojuliet/themes.html). Research further shows how "One of the most noteworthy aspects of Queen Mab's ride is that the dreams she ...

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