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    Analysis of a Romantic-Era Painting

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    From images in your background assignments, pick a work of art from this time period (1700-1860) that catches your eye. It can be one that reminds you of an event from your own life or otherwise gets some kind of emotional reaction from you. Introduce your report with some information about the artist; how the work you chose reflects typical Romantic or, alternatively, classical values; and any other information that helps us understand the work. Then explain what exactly about this work of art catches your eye and/or what events in your own life it reminds you of. Be sure to either include the image itself or a link to it in your text.

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    This beginning information should help you get started. You are, of course, free to choose your own work of art, instead of this one. I copied and pasted the contents of the solution document here for you to see, but this text box does not preserve formatting or images, and the attached solution document does.

    I searched Google using the term Romantic artists, and from this site: http://www.artcyclopedia.com/history/romanticism.html I chose the following artist,
    Francesco Hayez
    1791-1882 Italian Painter
    To learn more about. This is the painting: entitled "The Kiss" 1859, now located at Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

    I especially like this painting because it depicts a pair of lovers involved in a passionate kiss. These are not old, settled married folks, these are lovers fresh in the throes of romantic love - which explains the subject as appropriate for a Romantic painter. The emotion of the kiss - clearly visible- is what makes this painting a Romantic era painting. The lovers are at the foot of the stairs, and it makes the viewer spin possible stories about the lovers. Are they possibly forbidden to meet, because the lady is obviously, by her satin dress, wealthy and the man, by his rough homespun garb, is not? Or perhaps is the man dressed for hard travel, and his lover/wife is bidding him a passionate farewell, because she knows or fears she may not see him ...

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    Analysis of Romantic-era painting by Francesco Hayes entitled The Kiss, with commentary from the OTA and Web-based reference material on the life of the artist. This solution is approximately 800 words and includes a short-list of other notable works for the student.