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Analysis of a painting

1. Use the painting Dismissal of School on an October Afternoon to detect and comment on mid-century realities of social class, gender, and race.

2. Study the picture. In what ways can the picture be viewed as a positive commentary on urban and technological growth? How can it be viewed as a negative commentary? What is the implication of your answers?

3. List four adjectives that you think best describe the painting. Why was nature a theme of great interest to romanticist artists (keep question 2 in mind)?

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Before we begin let me make a few notes. This assignment is very interesting. The instructions are also clearly stated. However, as an OTA, the goal is to not provide material that a student can simply print-off and submit as their own. The job of the OTA is NOT to write an essay for the student, but to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how the student should ...

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This solution analyzes the painting, "Dismissal of School on an October Afternoon."