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    Watteau and Delacroix comparison of storm paintings

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    Please take a close look at two paintings of storms:

    Watteau's The Storm


    and Delacroix's The Sea of Galilee


    Both of these paintings depict storms, but in different ways. Consider how these differences reflect differences in the Neo-Classical and Romantic styles.

    Answer the following question:

    Which one of these painting is more of a Neo-Classical work, and which one more of a Romantic work? Explain why.

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    Comparing Watteau and Delacroix
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    Comparing Watteau and Delacroix
    Two historical periods of art, out of the many identified historical art periods, are known as Neo-Classical and Romantic. Two painters who worked in these styles are Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) and Louis-Joseph Watteau (1731-1798). Watteau belongs to the Neo-Classical period, and Delacroix belongs to the Romantic. There are distinguishing characteristics that define each style, and one painting by each artist exemplifies the stylistic similarities and differences of these two artistic ...

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