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The Neoclassicist Standard on Landscape

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Please explain the Neoclassicist expectation and standard for landscape painting.
I'd like to know what a Neoclassicist critic would look for or applaud in an exhibition at the 19th Louvre Salon.
By expectation I mean in terms of the "functions" or "representation" of an acceptable landscape painting. Things that the Romantics didn't do.

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As you know, the neoclassical style (from about 1750 until the mid-19th century), was mostly a reaction against the capriciousness of the rococo artists from the previous generation. The neoclassicists despised the excesses of 17th-century baroque art. It makes sense that they would embrace the art of classical antiquity. Antoine Watteau, Francois Boucher, and Jean Honore Fragonard viewed landscape painting in 18th century France not as an ideological statement, but as ...

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