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Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Harris and Ms. Read each have two different occupations. No one shares an occupation with another. THe following is known to be true about the women and their occupations: The engineer and the musician oftern attend concerts together. The author asked the accountant to help her prepare her income tax. Ms. Read hired the landscape gardener to plant some trees. Bothe the musician and the landscape gardener go sailing with Ms. Cooper. The engineer is married to the author's brother. All three agreed that Ms. Harris is a better golfer that Ms. Read or the the author. The remaining occupation is a salesperson.

Identify the two occupations of each person.

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First, we can read through just to gloss what the six occupations are:
landscape gardener

Now, reading through it, I would make notes of what I learn from each sentence.

1. "The engineer and the musician often attend concerts together." Musician is not also the engineer

2. "THe author adked the accountant to help her prepare her income tax. " The author is not also the accountant.

3. "Ms Read hired the landscape gardener to plant some trees." Ms. Read is ...

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I work step by step through a logic problem. This iz a good example of how to use problem solving skills.

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