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Emotional Product Positioning for the Jardin de Villiers hotel

You have been hired as a marketing troubleshooter for a previously prosperous hotel in the center of Paris, the Jardin de Villiers. The hotel has been suffering a decline in guest registrations and revenues for several years. You have examine the books and property and concluded that the location of the establishment is not the problem and the opportunity for a successful business enterprise is still there. The problem is the marketing, which begins with a clear definition of customer segment and an appropriate differentiation, followed by artful positioning to support price strategy. Study the website promotion. In terms of positioning this market offering, where do you think the problem/challenge lies? What image does the marketing mix seem to project? How would you position the hotel? Get beyond clean sheets and free continental breakfast. Conduct a brief Internet research on the competition. Then pose a tentative direction for your positioning strategy. Make a list of emotive and affective qualities, and tease potential guests with potential surprises just over the rainbowâ?"the rainbow they can't express. Express it for them. Propose a unique mental image for the hotel. Estimate a tentative cost for your plan. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.

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The Paris hotel, the Jardin de Villiers, appears to be in a romantic setting where visitors
can enjoy all the sites of the city they wish, within a short distance. While there are many
different market segments this business can target, it currently does not appear to target any
specific segment and does not capitalize on its best features. The photos are somewhat dull and
fail to capture the true beauty of the building and facilities it has to offer. Showing a tastefully
decorated bed and a few pieces of art do little to entice visitors.

In addition to the unimaginative images, the hotel web site is written in a very dull tone
That seems to equate a quiet setting with comfort, rather than taking advantage of its location in
the heart of all the action. This description seems more suitable for a country inn, rather than a
hotel in the heart of one of the most spectacular cities in the world, where tourists come from
around the globe. The modern décor shown in the images, with its urban feel, paints quite a
contrasting picture to the description of a place to enjoy peace and quiet. The only market
segment that may be attracted to the hotel is the business traveler, who truly wants quiet after a
long day and is less interested with the sights and action within close proximity. The hotel
appears to be attempting to position itself as a place for business travelers and a handful of
eclectic art lovers. It does not appear to position itself as a major facility in the heart of Paris,
competing with large hotel chains and the upscale establishments with classic construction and
elegant décor.

Though the facility has many attractive features, the images on the hotel's web site only
provide a small glimpse of the possibilities. There are ...

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Emotional product positioning for the Jardin de Villiers hotel