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The definition of legal terminology

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What is your understanding of the following terms:

- "meaning and intent of the law"
- "spirit of the law"
- "letter of the law"

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The meaning and intent of the law is predicated upon a system or part of a system designated for creating and determining which rights, duties, or obligations that enable for legal recourse when these rights, duties, or obligations are violated or breached. Therefore, the meaning and intent of law is to basically establish human rights that are given to all citizens in a society that enables these citizens to be provided with the dignity and protections that are afforded by the legal doctrines that have been created to guarantee these rights and protections. In addition whenever these rights are violated or breached this same legal doctrine provides for justice or the attempt at justice for those who seek a remedy or legal recourse for these violations (Original Intent, 2012).

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This solution gives student's a legal definition for the meaning and intent of law in regard, spirit of the law, and the letter of the law in reference to common law. The original intent of these terms are discussed within this solution.