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    RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) Presentations

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    In an entry titled "RFI/RFP Reflection," reflect on the RFI/RFP process. Explain the purpose and benefits of developing a RFI/RFP in detail, the purpose of the documents that support the process, and what you have learned from developing a RFI/RFP.

    Please provide at least 3 paragraphs and provide references that are not websites.

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    Purpose of RFI's and RFP's:

    Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals are two different things but often involved in the same process. An RFI is produced by a company looking for a supplier of a certain good or service. These are used to get an idea of what the overall market looks like for suppliers of this specific good/service. RFI's are often used to acknowledge that a funding opportunity may exist and get suppliers in thinking about how their company can provide these goods or services. Often, a RFI is followed by a formal RFP, in which the company or organization wishing to purchase goods or services puts together a document for suppliers to bid on, explaining why they would be the best choice to provide the goods or services. RFP's are creative documents that engage ...

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