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    Annotated Bibliography ADHD

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    Can you assist me with the following?
    By researching the current literature, you will have a better understanding of your context of the question or problem you are considering. A literature review is a critical, in-depth evaluation and summary of previous and current research. It establishes why you are pursuing a particular research study and validates your wanting to do so. You are evaluating the quality and findings of studies in a way that supports your own research. As such, you want to be critical of the credibility of the sources.

    Create an annotated bibliography of five research articles from peer-reviewed or scholarly sources about empirical studies that relate to your topic (A general topic in my MAED Special Education/Family and Community Services are centered on students with behavioral problem and special need students (ADHD) in education). You will be able to use this assignment to write a literature review for your Final Project. Provide an examination of each article for its relevance to your study. You must include a clear connection between how each article relates to your topic of study. Each article must have been published within the past five years.

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    An annotated bibliography gives detailed information about the resource that is going to be used in the research you are completing. This includes the source (citing) and the information you will be using from that source. An annotated bibliography is on it's own page and is titled Annotated Bibliography. Double space and begin with your first source in APA style. An example of this would be:

    Brock, S. (2002). Helping the student with ADHD in the classroom. National Association of School Psychologists (italics). Retrieved from http://www.nasponline.org/resources/handouts/special%20needs%20template.pdf

    Double spaced and indented under the citing and indented, you will want to put the information that you intend to use from this research article. In this case, it could be something such as:

    This research article will be used to discuss behavior intervention ideas for students with ADHD in the classroom. This article also gives information on how to identify for the student which behavior is unacceptable and concentrate on what is acceptable, or what we want the student to do. There are specific strategies that could be used ...

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