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Case Assignment
First, view the presentation titled The Literature Review in Research and read the Module 3 background information. Then complete a brief Literature Review related to your selected research question in 2-3 pages (not including the cover sheet and bibliography).
Include the following items:
1. Select one of your quantitative research questions developed in Module 2 and use it here in Module 3 to guide your Literature Review.
2. Peruse the literature; select 4 or 5 articles that relate to your research question; and read with a purpose to identify gaps in information or ambiguities that help to clarify and justify your research question.
3. Based on your review of the literature, discuss the following items in your Case Assignment paper:
o Show why your research question (in original format or revised) needs to be answered (for example, does it address controversies or debates, or fill a gap, found in the literature?).
o Describe the theories that support your research question (for example, are there any theoretical models that need to be tested empirically as suggested by your research question?).
o Identify the best methodology to conduct a study to answer your research question (please explain your response).
o Describe how answering your research question (with completion of prospective study) would add to the research already completed.

My quantitative research question is : (Do wealthier schools use better technology for teaching?).

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The role of literature review in the research process is determined.

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Funding the "Infostructure": A Guide to Financing Technology Infrastructure in Higher Education. New Agenda Series[TM], Volume 3, Number 2. Report By: Phipps, Ronald A.; Wellman, Jane V.. 2001 33 pp

Reality bytes: examining the rhetoric of widening educational participation via ICT. Academic Journal By: Selwyn, Neil; Gorard, Stephen. British Journal of Educational Technology. Mar2003, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p169-181. 13p. 4


2. Peruse the literature; select 4 or 5 articles that relate to your research question; and read with a purpose to identify gaps in information or ambiguities that help to clarify and justify your research question.

The primary gap that was found in the literature review is that most researchers have only conducted research studies wherein they focused exclusively upon the difference in access to technology between rich and poor students as opposed to furthering their focus to include gaps that exist because of the differences in use of technology when poor and higher-socioeconomic students are evaluated. The research studies and articles used for this particular summary have focused on this gap by conducting research to analyze the gaps that exist when technology in wealthier schools is employed in comparison to how this technology is employed in lower socioeconomic schools. This also includes how parents, libraries, and other forums employ the use of technology between these two cohorts.

The literature review has found that when students form poor communities receive access to the same technological tools as their more affluent counterparts, the gap between education for the poor students in comparison to their rich counterparts actually increases, and this conclusion has been reached by other researchers as well. Therefore, the general belief that simply obtaining technology will result in equalizing education appears to be ...

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