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    McDonalds Literature Review: Influence of Brand Image

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    I am now writing an literature review about my dissertation, the topis is ' The influence of brand image on consumer behaviour: a study of fast food industry in UK' The target industy i choose is Mcdonalds, However, I have no idea about how to write the literature review? Is there anyone can provide suggestions about what should I write in this part? Thank you so much.

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    When conducting a literature review, the researcher must ensure that the research is able to elucidate upon the purpose of the study, the design and methodology used for the research, and the findings of the research study. In addition, what researchers found from the research study as well as the research limitations must be elucidated upon. In regard to the literature review for this study, the purpose of the research study is to use focus groups as the design of the research study to ascertain the impact that marketing efforts by McDonald's and Kentucky ...

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    The Solution provides a short (350 word) explanation of the influence of brand image on consumer behaviour as it relates to McDonalds and the UK fast food industry.