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    Event Promotion and Intent to Purchase

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    Article Review : Mega-special-event promotions and intent to purchase: A longitudinal analysis of the super bowl

    Write a synopsis of the critical information found in the attached article with generating 3 questions about the article.

    The synopsis should at least include details regarding the:
    - Main theme/purpose
    - Research questions/Hypotheses
    - Background literature to support research
    - Methodology
    - Results/Discussion (i.e., conclusions drawn by the author(s) and important points made by the author(s)
    - Significance of study/future areas of study
    - Your assessment of how the information would be relevant to a sport management professional and academicians (research and managerial implications)

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    Main purpose
    Major sports events have been an attractive source of marketing for companies to create awareness of product and brand. This is why companies invest substantial amount of money for these sports sponsorships. The main objectives of sponsorships are to increase awareness, create brand, increase sales, and internal communication. Specifically it is focused at making the brand and image of the company known in the minds of specific target audience. Sponsorships are also a means through which companies try to stimulate the customer to try new products or motivate the commercial team working for the sponsor. Of all mega-special events, the Super Bowl is widely recognized as the vehicle for the launch of new and innovative television promotions that are anticipated by many viewers. The effectiveness of sponsorship at the Super Bowl has been demonstrated previously as an important source of revenue for mega-special-events as well as an effective promotional strategy for sponsors.
    Research Questions/Hypothesis
    The purpose of the study was to describe the effect of sports sponsorship on consumer purchase intentions. Specifically, the study examined whether consumers prefer products and services made by mega-events more than that of non-sponsors. This study also examined how corporate image and prior use of the sponsoring company's products and/or services would affect consumer purchase intentions.
    Background Literature
    The literature related to marketing promotions includes significant ...

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