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    Website Strategy Example: 4 P's and Kmart's Website

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    Review a website of your choice. Describe, in marketing terms, that company's website strategy in terms of product, price, promotion, and distribution. Some of these marketing mix elements may be more clear than others, so focus on the elements that are most evident.

    Include the URL address of the site you choose and link the site to your comments (i.e., "www.example.com")

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    Kmart.com sells a broad range of consumer products. This includes both soft (apparel, home goods) and hard goods (appliance, electronics, etc.). Kmart.com strives to provide a variety of products to fit a consumer's lifestyle whether they are single, parents, men or women. The broad cross-section of products also encourages cross-shopping ...

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    This solution examines kmart.com's strategy and how each of the 4 P's (price, promotion, place/distribution, product) are addressed in about 200 words.