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Marketing Case Study: Glazer Electronic Razors

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Case Study: Derek is working on promoting his company's Glazer brand of electronic razors. Preliminary surveys have revealed that even though a sizable portion of the target market has developed a liking for the product due to innovative advertising, few customers would actually consider replacing their current razors with Glazers.

How can Derek modify the communications program to get customers to favor Glazers over other brands?
Market research suggests that the target audience possesses an intent to use Glazers, but is stalling over actually making the purchase. How can Derek modify the communications program to get customers to purchase Glazer razors?

This solution addresses methods to change prospective consumer behavior from simply liking Glazer to actually buying it. One idea is to physically put the product in consumer hands; via trials in venues where the customer is likely to be. Another is to use promotion, such as an "introductory price" that is lower than competitors, which may "lure" customers away from their typical razor brand.

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Derek has attracted a sizable portion of his target market for Glazer; but this attention has yet to translate into sales. One strategy to increase his exposure and modify his communications program would be to utilize actual customer trials. This would involve having product representatives go to places favored by his target audience, such as barber shops or sportswear stores, and have small stations set-up for men to use the razors. The ...

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This solution is almost 300 words and addresses modification to a marketing communications plan for a fictional company, Glazer Electronic Razors. Ideas include customer trials at locales where consumers are likely to be, such as barber shops or even sporting good stores. Additional suggestions include utilizing promotion and special pricing.