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Project Management

Suggestions and approaches to Events Management portfolio

Someone who could provide guidance about what's required for an events portfolio. I need suggestions, for instance, which festival would you suggest would provide the best range and information for great analysis and discussion? See attached file for additional information.

Organizational Change Issues

In managing organizations, we encourage change. As a society, we often do not appreciate change. Obviously, good or bad change depends on an individual's perspective. I need help picking an organizational change issue and present both sides. What management techniques would you recommend to handle the debate?

Retrospective surveys for accountability

Retrospective survey offers a degree of information gathering as well as accountability; how and when you would use this approach? Is the retrospective survey needed on every project. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach for effective project management. How would you use retrospective surveys with

Project management proposal

Phase II: Project Scope Document Refer to the Project Proposal attached for this assignment, you will be expanding upon that project to include a Project Scope Document—that is, the definition of what needs to be done to produce the project deliverables and to satisfy the customer. The project scope document should satisfy th

Cost Estimation: Project Management

I believe i have the 2 and 3rd questions answered but please let me know if I need to add or change. I would greatly appreciate someones opinionated answer for the 1st question. Thank you in advance 1. Identify the three primary methods of cost estimations. In your opinion, which cost estimation method would you prefer

4 key stages of project monitoring

My project has been successfully completed and passed multiple phases within the corporate offices. The project is prepared to move into remote offices across the organization. Expound on the 4 key stages of project monitoring and how that will be useful for the ongoing project. Please conclude the assignment with these 2 compon

Design a Final Implementation Plan

-Introduction, background, problem, purpose, significance of the problem or concern, analysis, strategic plan, plan of action for implementing proposed solutions, and defending conclusion(s). -Identify the project's legal and ethical ramifications of the solutions, cost estimates of the solutions, and a timeline associated w

Develop a Problem Solution Plan

Formulate a solution to the problem that addresses: marketing, finance, accounting, legal and ethical issues, possible global impact, and affected organizational polices. Develop a mission (purpose), vision (outcomes), future state status (2-5 years out), benchmarks or milestones, a timeline, and managerial actions required

Possible financial impact of the dispute and risk to the project

-To determine the possible financial impact of the dispute and risk to the project, estimate costs associated with proposed solutions. -Generate a summary of the cost estimates in Spreadsheet format (any type). -Identify specific costs, how numbers were determined, and impact on the overall project. -Explain assumptions, cos

Purpose of Investigation to Formulate Potential Solutions

Draft a purpose statement. The statement should identify the problem or issue, the population, the geographic location, the proposed solution(s), and the estimated outcomes. The focus is to logically assemble the rational for the problem identification, solutions, and a plan for solution implementation. My goal is to cons

strategic management

looking for ideas on how to blog about the strategic management. below is the requirement. little confused as to what is being asked In your SLP for this course you will be considered a strategic management subject matter expert and will be asked to blog about important aspects of the strategic management process and to provid

Project Management Maturity Model

1Think of a project that you are familiar with and describe how you would assess it based on the Project Management Maturity Model. What needs to be done to push the project to the next level of the model? 3. Discuss the steps that need to be taken to write accurate and effective job or position descriptions. 4. How do you man

Differentiate between the three major organizational forms

Differentiate between the three major organizational forms. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each form and discuss some of the critical factors that might lead you to choose one form over the other. How well does risk management contribute to project success? Outline the six sub processes and identify how they

Fishbone Diagram in Project Management

Fish Bone Diagram is a highly effective tool when implemented. Expound on the Fish Bone tool and how it can be used in the project management process. Please ensure that the expert help reflect the credits provided, thanks.

Options for implementing performance management

1. What is performance management, what are the options for implementing performance management, and why is it important? 2. You are asked to lie to the customer about the project status in order to "save the project from termination." You fear that you might get fired if you tell the customer the truth because you wouldn't be

Technical and Resource Constraints

1. Here are two types of constraints that a projects face "Technical and Resource constraints". Provide examples and suggest ways to address these constraints. 2. When resource-leveling a project, a number of heuristics can help us prioritize those activities that should receive resources first. Explain how each of the follo

Briargrove CLN System Failure

A system failure is occurring due to unknown software, many of the management personnel have loaded on their computers. The failure has brought down your system and is negatively impacting the organizational network. How would you handle the situation? What plans and measures will you put in place? What could have been preventat

Hospitality Venue Research Paper

Choose one venue within the hospitality industry (such as casino industry, bar/restaurant industry, hotel industry) and write a research paper of no less than three pages, not including title and reference page, covering the following topics: How technology is utilized in the venue. Career opportunities within the venue. Ma

Business Plan: ToolsCorp Strategic Objectives

ToolsCorp Corporation is a fictitious company. located in Tennessee. As member of the senior management team of ToolsCorp. I have being asked to prepare and organized report for the Strategic Officers Steering Committee. QUESTION: The one-year, five year and 10 year strategic objectives of the strategic initiatives present

Analyze by Providing a Summary and Background of a Situation

Assemble as much information and research data as possible about the problem in order to recommend a solution. The format listed below will be most effective for the project. Include •Formulate a general problem statement using this newly obtained data (no more than half page) •Categorize the issue or problem and the po

Investigation of the project and intervention techniques

As the project manager, conduct an investigation of the project problem and identify three (3) to five (5) possible intervention techniques. Research external policies and programs to compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses. Develop a summary of the investigation conducted and recommend a minimum of three (3) approa

Risk analysis tool for project measure risk in its different

Would like to see a risk analysis tool for the project to measure risk in its different forms throughout the project. Please provide the matrix assessment tool that will be used. There are resources outside Briargrove that are needed for accessing and utilization of three resources (Human Capital/individual being loaned for th

James LaGrande Capital Budgeting Cereal Product Launch: NPV

James LaGrande had recently been appointed controller of the breakfast cereals division of a major food company One of Jim's first assignments was to prepare the financial analysis for a new cold cereal, Krispie Krinkles. Mr. LaGrande discussed the product with the food lab that had designed it, with the market research depart

Dalmatian Construction Company

create a project proposal based upon a fictional project My fictional company will be Dalmatian Construction Company. When you create the proposal, you should take into account the technical considerations, management considerations, and pricing considerations. However, you do not necessarily need to include these within yo

Attributes that can restrict a project

Explain the various attributes that can restrict a project. Take three of those attributes; describe how they can affect a project, and how you, as a project manager, can work to manage these constraints.


With the changes I have made, Briargrove would like to make some changes. . The are request are a comprehensive schedule of this project and a clean proposal to be presented . What are the potential risks and bottlenecks that may occur during the project (which are foreseeable). And how would these issues be handled? Please ens

Understanding of new learning in the field of project management

ASSISTANCE WITH THIS ISNT NEEDED UNTIL JULY 13, 2015 Research Paper The final assignment for this course is a Research Paper. The purpose of the Research Paper is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge in the field of program management strate

Environmental Pollution Solution

My city is experiencing rapid growth in population. The City Council is worried that this pattern of population growth, combined with concerns over climate change, is beginning to create a number of negative environmental, economic, and social consequences. These include deteriorating infrastructure, increasing traffic congestio

Cyclical Scheduling

Q3. The emergency room at a hospital estimates the following requirements for registered nurses (RNs) for the last night shift each week: Sunday-3; Monday-4; Tuesday-2; Wednesday-2; Thursday-3; Friday-6; Saturday-4. Nurses work four consecutive days, then have off three days. Perform cyclical scheduling on the data. (Note that

Project Management and Costs of Projects

Valuable staff time and professional fees are wasted when the project is appropriate and affordable but derailed because of a conservatively high cost estimate. The same thing can happen when the project cost is understated and requires redesign midstream, resulting in expensive "change orders. The project manager needs to be on