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    Project Management

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    Project Management and Development

    Need assistance on the following 4 questions. Need at least a 200 word response for each though please. 1. What are possible sources of conflict within a project team? What approach can a project manager use to keep the project on track and not be negatively impacted by such conflicts? 2. What are the different types of e

    Scope Creep Analysis in Actual Business Problem

    Critically review an article having to do with any issue in the business world as it relates to project management. You can pick any article you wish, as long as it meets the criteria listed below. Here are some suggested topics: - Project life cycle - The cost-schedule-quality equilibrium - Project stakeholders - A proj

    Measuring Progress: Project Management

    Why does a project require monitoring? Give an example of a project with which you have been involved that required monitoring. What was the end result of your project?

    Discussing Project Change

    I realize that change will occur on all projects, If the change wasn't successful, or if the change wasn't as successful as it could have been because it wasn't easily accepted, what could have been done to make the change successful or more easily acceptable?.

    Project Cortex Document Management

    Please help with Project Cortex "Document Management" and please help with project Cortex "Vendors Management." What are the things are required within the Cortex "Document Management" and maintain "Vendor Management - where all the vendors should be connect to one single Network. How well it can do extensive evaluation f

    Diagram the Flow of Procurement Source Selection

    Create a flow chart illustrating the flow of procurement source selection that leads to the award of a contract. Pay particular attention to ethics in procurement, issues for negotiation, forming procurement teams for complex buys and source selection and management's approval. Length: 5-7 pages

    Evaluate the Legal Aspects of Procurement

    Evaluate the legal aspects of procurement. Focus on the basis of contract law, agency law, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Analyze and summarize the company's position in relation to the copier vendor and how the position will be supported by understanding the legal aspects of pr

    Yard Sale Checklist

    Can you please help me with the following scenario? You plan to have a yard sale at the end of the month. Develop a checklist you could use to monitor this project. Describe how you would actually use the checklist while the project is under way.

    Benefits of project closure

    Can you please describe the benefits of effective project closure with examples, real or otherwise, to support your answer?

    Managing uncertainties in a project

    Identify the resources a project manager can add to or change in a project when uncertainties come into play. Explain how being prepared can make these adaptations prevent further complications. What is a method for monitoring project uncertainties?

    Project Charter for Telecommunication Tasks

    Create a project charter for a telecommunication project to include a Statement of Work (SOW), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for a selected project task.

    Hard and Soft logic

    Can you please explain the difference between hard logic and soft logic for establishing dependency relationships in project schedules with a creative example of each one?

    Exploding Whale

    After watching this short video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVVW8BferzQ can you please help me write a paper addressing the following questions? 1. A problem statement for the project, the statement should describe the nature of the problem, its location, timing, and magnitude. 2. A project objective and key performa

    Situational Analysis/Planning - Project Stakeholders

    This project management plan describes an effective and efficient means by which to implement and or improve the telecommunications capabilities of this organization. This will include a telecommunications project manager as well as key assistant that will be able to help to develop and implement a telecommunications system that

    Theater High Altitude Area Defense: Project Auditing Analysis

    Review Project Auditing, Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD): Five Failures and Counting Case Study Do you think this was a financial audit, a project audit, or a management audit? Why? Was the purpose of the audit to exert cybernetic control, go/no-go control, or post project control? Explain. Given the comments

    Seattle's Children's Hospital Project

    Do you think the goals and objectives of the Seattle Children's Hospital Project were well constructed? Please explain your reasoning. Please no more than 100-150 words.

    Calculating the Expected Project Duration

    Task time estimates for the modification of an assembly line at Jim Goodale's Carbondale, Illinois, factory are as follows: ACTIVITY TIME (IN HOURS) IMMEDIATE PREDECESSORS A 6.0 B 7.2 C 5.0 A D 6.0

    Resource Leveling and Heuristics

    Need assistance on at least a 200 word response for the following two questions 1. Describe resource leveling, its objectives, and the basic techniques to perform it? 2. What are any four heuristics for prioritizing resource allocation to activities? Why would a project manager choose one above another?

    Procurement plan process

    The project that you have been asked to research will be the foundation for the development of the project procurement plan. Your senior director has asked you to build a presentation that will be an overview of the project procurement plan. Diagram the procurement management process. Include in your presentation diagram how pro

    Comparison of project management software

    The company you work for has grown in size in a very short time. Due to the scale and type of projects coming in, there is a need to adopt a project management software. You are tasked with researching the different project management software available and choosing three of the researched software to report on. Your report shou

    Forecast using moving average and waighted moving average

    see attached 1- What is the forecast for your Year 6 sales using a 2-year moving average? 2-What is the MAD based upon a 2-year moving average? 3-What is the forecast for your Year 6 sales using a weighted 2-year moving average with weights of 70% for the most recent year and 30% for the year before that? 4-What is t

    Project Scheduling: Network Diagrams and the Critical Path

    Using the following activities and their relationships contract a PDM network. 1. A Start Milestone starts the project 2. Activities A and B can start at the milestone 3. Activity C follows the completion of A 4. Activity D can start after A finishes 5. Activity E cannot start until B is finished 6. Activity F starts after

    Need assistance on the following two essay questions

    Compare and contrast the bottom-up budgeting process with the top-down budgeting process. Make sure to discuss their advantages and disadvantages in regard to estimating project budgets and when it is appropriate to use each process. Explain what must be identified in order to construct a network. What are the strengths and w

    Systems Theory and Conflict Resoloution

    Systems theory is a method of analyzing conflict that goes beyond looking at individual behavior and goals, and instead focuses on the patterns of interactions between individuals as a part of a whole organization. Systems theory also focuses on the roles that individuals play within organizations. Review the Webuwrite Academ

    Effective Project Managers for Successful Projects

    Write a short essay on why a project manager should have these characteristics and their relevance to managing a project. - Discuss why project managers are integral to managing successful projects. - Explain the relevance of the following characteristics: knowledge, performance, and personal. - Identify how you can build

    Formula for Simpson's Diversity index

    In the Rocky Mountain region, there are endangered species like jumping mice and burrowing owls that are protected by the EPA. If you want to build a roadway to facilitate traffic congestions in Denver, part of your plan will include using Simpson's diversity index to calculate the number of organisms in two communities. If EPA