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    Project Management

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    Absorption Costing Utilized by Managers

    Critics of absorption cost have increasingly emphasized its potential for leading to undesirable incentives for managers. Give at least two examples and discuss.

    Three leaders selected are Howard Schultz CEO of Starbuck's

    For the purpose of this analysis, the three leaders selected are Howard Schultz CEO of Starbuck's, Tim Cook CEO of Apple and Larry Page CEO of Alphabet Inc. All of these leaders are known for their leadership skills and played an important role in developing strategies which are compatible with the needs of the modern era. These

    Operations Management Scheduling

    1. What is sub-optimization in scheduling? 2. Describe how cost accounting is sometimes antithetical to the Theory of Constraints (TOC). 3. What is the difference between finite and infinite loading? 4. You are responsible for an operation that has 12 distinct jobs. Seven of those jobs must be processed in two ope

    Journal of negotiation for house purchase

    Writing a journal of negotiation experience, for 3 negotiations. Gayle(BUYER): Hello Scot I have been looking over the inspection list and have done some other research on the property and I am ready to put in an offer on the house. Do you have some time to go over a couple of things? Scot Yes, I do. Gayle: Scot I

    Probability and Economic Ordering

    Can you please discuss each of these for me? 1. In cases where demand is difficult to predict, which probability models would you use so that the risk associated with stock out is managed? Briefly describe how each model would be used. 2. You have a business in which you sell very inexpensive items and very expensive

    Type of exposure the CFO of H&M in the U.S. be subjected to

    I need help with 2 questions: What type of exposure could the CFO of H&M in the U.S. be subjected to since H&M is based in Sweden and the financial statements are prepared according to IFRS? Payments or liabilities may also be subjected to exposure. Explain the operational hedging strategies that may offset exposure

    Project Manager & Delaying Bad News

    How does a project leader decide when to delay reporting bad news to stakeholders or senior sponsors? What factors would influence this decision? What are the benefits and drawbacks of withholding bad news?

    Selling Skills for Project Managers

    Continually selling your project is necessary to keep senior sponsor and stakeholder support. What types of selling skills would be beneficial for a project manager to obtain? How may a project manager internalize these skills and utilize them effectively when communicating about a project?

    Transpiration and Business

    Prepare a simple research proposal related to your area outlining the main stages Selecting a topic (about, how the transportation or delivery business is the most beneficial of today business sector ) The purpose of the study Hypothesis, objectives, and research question Working title and project outline Timing Superv

    Requirements for PMP Exam

    What are requirements to sit for the PMP Exam (both paper and online methods). Discussion on the following: •The amount of experience you must have to sit for the exam •The amount of hours of project management training you must take before you sit for the exam •The fees required to take the exam Please ensure tha

    MEDCOM Project Execution

    You are to read all the background reading and then focus on the article below. The abstract from that article states: "The US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) annually manages 250 projects, with a scope of $300M, at 26 different sites. Due to current events and initiatives, MEDCOM is anticipating an increase in construction requir

    Effective Project Planning

    You are to carefully read the following three articles and then develop an integrative essay which focuses on "keys to success" for effective project planning. This should be a 3- to 5-page essay. Note that each of the articles below focuses on different elements, but has combinations of many of the components of planning. When

    Real World Project

    Real World Example Find any example of a real project with a real project manager. Feel free to use projects in the media (Olympics, TV shows, movies, etc.) or a project from your work, if applicable. Write a 2-3 page paper describing the project in terms of its scope, time, and cost goals. Discuss what went right and wron

    PMI Certification

    Go to the Project Management Institute website at: www.pmi.org. 400 words. Address the following: •Various certification programs available through PMI •How to join PMI •Professional development opportunities at PMI •Tools & Templates to assist your learning •Requirements to sit for the PMP exam

    Project Scheduling at Blanque Construction Company

    Need assistance on the following two questions. just need 200 words for each question 1. What are some of the issues that weigh in favor of and against crashing the project.? 2. Suppose you were the site supervisor for this project. How would you advise Joe to proceed? Before deciding whether or not to crash the project

    Safety Loss in Project Activities

    I am not in need of reallly long responses I just need at least 150 words to complete the following: Compose an essay explaining the reasons why individuals routinely waste the excessive safety we acquire for our project activities I have gathered up 4 other articles but am in need for some brain power to complete this.

    Need assitance on the following quesiton

    Need help on making this a 4 page essay. Compose an essay explaining the reasons why individuals routinely waste the excessive safety we acquire for our project activities. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

    Budgeting and direct cost calculations

    Need assistance on at least a 125 word response for each following question. 1. Why is cost estimation such an important component of project planning? Discuss how it links together with the Work Breakdown Structure and the project schedule. 2. Would you prefer to use the bottom-up or top-down budgeting project cost con

    Reducing safety waste in projects

    Compose an essay explaining the reasons why individuals routinely waste the excessive safety we acquire for our project activities. Be sure to use at least 5 references and have it consist of 3 pages in length Greatly appreciate any and all help

    Implementation plan for delay in construction

    I need guidance on implementing a plan to senior management team. I need to develop and assemble responses regarding the solution plan to construction issues regarding new homes. The knowledge can be adapted for integration into an implementation plan. Jordan's construction company has a project to build 10 custom homes. This

    Preliminary tasks for creating strategic plan for animal rescue

    Create or revise an MVVO and strategic plan for an organization that was not the focus of any team member's individual assignments in this course. This could be a small business, church, school, or other non-profit with which a team member has a relationship. Submit a maximum three-page proposal to your faculty indicating your c

    Choosing Members for a Project and Problem-Solving Teams

    If you were creating a project team for an organization, what kinds of factors would you take into consideration in deciding the composition of the team? Would these factors be different if you were putting together a problem-solving team? Why, or why not?

    Team member inaction

    Describe a situation in which you were part of a formal work group and one of the members of the group did not contribute much work to the project. How did the other group members deal with this person? How did this person's behavior affect the attitude of the other group members?

    Project management

    1. Do you consider Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn forms of disruptive or sustaining technology? Why? 2. What is meant by Business 2.0? How is it different from e-business? 3. What are some of the benefits and challenges associated with e-business and Business 2.0? 4. What strategies would you recommend to business t

    Solution plan for construction issue

    Formulate a solution to the problem that will address: marketing, finance, accounting, legal and ethical issues, possible global impact, and affected organizational polices. You are designing a plan for submission to senior management as they have requested one given the nature of the contractor dispute and the need to create so

    Project Selection Case Study

    Case Study , "Project Selection at Nova Western, Inc." Need assistance with the following questions. Need at least a 200 word response for each. 1. Phyllis has called you into her office to help her make sense of the contradictions in project evaluation. How would you explain the reason for this divergence of opinion from

    Project Management for a Construction Company

    Need assistance with the following Prepare a fictional group project on a Construction Project Develop a statement of work for the project, using the format of (1) background, (2) task, (3) objectives, (4) approach, and (5) input source. Next, create a Work Breakdown Structure for the project. What are the key steps,

    Product Life Cycle...

    1. Explain how product life-cycle management (PLM) impacts product design. 2. Read the case study "The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital" on page 231. You are a quality manager for a community hospital and the leader of your hospital has asked you to benchmark Arnold Palmer Hospital. How would you do it? 3. Is i

    Leading and Managing People

    Need assistance on the following 5 questions would like a 100 word response for each. 1. Identify the stages of team development. Define the main issues at each stage and the actions that the project can take to assist the team through each stage. 2. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between leader behavior and foll