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Project Management

Implementation plan for delay in construction

I need guidance on implementing a plan to senior management team. I need to develop and assemble responses regarding the solution plan to construction issues regarding new homes. The knowledge can be adapted for integration into an implementation plan. Jordan's construction company has a project to build 10 custom homes. This

Preliminary tasks for creating strategic plan for animal rescue

Create or revise an MVVO and strategic plan for an organization that was not the focus of any team member's individual assignments in this course. This could be a small business, church, school, or other non-profit with which a team member has a relationship. Submit a maximum three-page proposal to your faculty indicating your c

Choosing Members for a Project and Problem-Solving Teams

If you were creating a project team for an organization, what kinds of factors would you take into consideration in deciding the composition of the team? Would these factors be different if you were putting together a problem-solving team? Why, or why not?

Team member inaction

Describe a situation in which you were part of a formal work group and one of the members of the group did not contribute much work to the project. How did the other group members deal with this person? How did this person's behavior affect the attitude of the other group members?

Project management

1. Do you consider Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn forms of disruptive or sustaining technology? Why? 2. What is meant by Business 2.0? How is it different from e-business? 3. What are some of the benefits and challenges associated with e-business and Business 2.0? 4. What strategies would you recommend to business t

Solution plan for construction issue

Formulate a solution to the problem that will address: marketing, finance, accounting, legal and ethical issues, possible global impact, and affected organizational polices. You are designing a plan for submission to senior management as they have requested one given the nature of the contractor dispute and the need to create so

Project Selection Case Study

Case Study , "Project Selection at Nova Western, Inc." Need assistance with the following questions. Need at least a 200 word response for each. 1. Phyllis has called you into her office to help her make sense of the contradictions in project evaluation. How would you explain the reason for this divergence of opinion from

Project Management for a Construction Company

Need assistance with the following Prepare a fictional group project on a Construction Project Develop a statement of work for the project, using the format of (1) background, (2) task, (3) objectives, (4) approach, and (5) input source. Next, create a Work Breakdown Structure for the project. What are the key steps,

Product Life Cycle...

1. Explain how product life-cycle management (PLM) impacts product design. 2. Read the case study "The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital" on page 231. You are a quality manager for a community hospital and the leader of your hospital has asked you to benchmark Arnold Palmer Hospital. How would you do it? 3. Is i

Leading and Managing People

Need assistance on the following 5 questions would like a 100 word response for each. 1. Identify the stages of team development. Define the main issues at each stage and the actions that the project can take to assist the team through each stage. 2. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between leader behavior and foll

Projects and processes

I need to add to my current 2 page essay Compose an essay using at least three references in which the following answers: Contrast the differences between a project and a process Explain why project management is often used to train future senior executives Discuss at least two detriments to project success Describe"

Quantitative Analysis: Linear programming

B.1 Solve the following linear programming problem graphically: Maximize profit = 4X + 6Y Subject to: X + 2Y ... 8 5X + 4Y ... 20 X, Y U 0 B.5 Solve the following LP problem graphically: Minimize cost = 24X + 15Y Subject to: 7X + 11Y U 77 16X + 4Y U 80 X, Y U 0 B.7 The Attaran Corporation manufactures two electric

Quantitative Analysis: Linear programming..

AppleBerry MP3 Player: Make vs. Buy AppleBerry (AB) is a high-tech manufacturer of digital products. Recently, it has been very successful at manufacturing a portable MP3 player, the Curvy. The Curvy comes in two forms: one with 32 GB of storage and one with 64 GB of storage. In doing production planning for the upcoming year

Operations Management Questions..

Question 1. Choose two products or services you recently purchased. Describe those products and services in terms of their functions and attributes. What written specifications and standards might operations use to define each product or service? Question 2. Read case study "The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital" on

Production Management - Southern University, Hard Rock'S Rockets

Question 1. Read Southern University (A) case study on page 95. If it is necessary to crash this project to 250 or 240 days, how would Hill do it and at what cost? Include your approach and describe your solution. As noted in the case, assume that optimistic time estimateS can be used as crash times. Question 2. Read the Mana

Real - world event

Examine one real-world event or recent news story from the last 12 months that you believe demonstrates the topics covered in this course. Predict how this event ties to the new learning in the course. Formulate an opinion and defend your position about how this real-world event or news story applies to the upcoming course

SPI and CPI and Variances

Here is a different project scenarios - pretend for a moment you are the project manager and you are evaluating the most recent data for each project. Look over the data and tell me what the data means and what actions you might consider. SCENARIO 1: Cost Variance = -.3 Schedule Variance = -.25 Cost Performance Index =

Supply Chain Management at Wal-Mart

for this assignment students will submit a topical paper with a minimum of 12-15 pages of content in addition to the Cover, Abstract and Bibliography pages. The subject of the paper must be directly relevant to Purchasing and Acquisitions Management. The American Psychological Association (APA) style is the official Webster

Project Manager

What seem to be the more rewarding aspects of being a project manager? What are the more challenging aspects? Using what you have read, describe the risks and rewards of a project manager. Include examples from your experience (if applicable). Describe some barriers to communication and how these may affect a project. Pr

Product life cycle..

In our reading, we learned about the product life cycle. Using the Wall Street Journal, find a product in each stage of the product development life cycle. Briefly describe the product and why you think it is in the stage you are placing it. Also, compare each product to their nearest competitors and explain what pricing stra

Risk analysis of contingency reserve

You are planning the project to modify an existing product. Your analysis has come up with the following dollar amount for each negative and positive risk, as well as the total contingency/risk reserve that is appropriate. "Notional" WBS ID# Risk description Impact Probability Cost Calculations Result (in dollars,) 1.2.1

Risk Management Plan for IT Managers

You will use the project scenario you worked on in Unit I. In addition to the Unit I information, your boss has given you a budget of $7 million to complete the projects you have on the table. You will be working with the marketing department, the IT department, and the school-level division department throughout the next three

Business Agreement Outsourced HR Services

Hi I'm owner of young company named Pivot Solutions (PS) WLL. PS specialized in HR services include outsourcing HR functions, and many HR services else. However, I'm looking for expert to draft business agreement for outsourcing HR services and cover all the below elements. The agreement should be drafted in high level standa

Outsourcing Project Work

In your own words, discuss the best practices used by firms to outsource project work, and describe why organizations outsource project work.

Attributes of a Project, Project Life Cycle and Project Proposal

Can someone please help me answer the following questions? They only need to be at least 200 words. These are the last few I have: 1. Project management cuts across many areas and applies to projects that can be classified as commercial, municipal, industrial, military, and aerospace, to name just a few, give an example of

Project Manager Job Listing

As the general manager of a large contracting firm, it is your responsibility to hire employees who will positively contribute to the organization. Recently, your project manager of the past 20 years, who has been both reputable and trustworthy, retired from the position. As such, you need to hire a project manager who can immed

Project Control & Monitoring

I need the following answered in ones own opinion. Thank you. 1)Resource allocation is fundamental to managing a successful project. Explain how stakeholder management is linked to resource allocation management. Additionally, can you have a resource constraint of people without having time constraint implications? 2)De

Suggestions and approaches to Events Management portfolio

Someone who could provide guidance about what's required for an events portfolio. I need suggestions, for instance, which festival would you suggest would provide the best range and information for great analysis and discussion? See attached file for additional information.

Organizational Change Issues

In managing organizations, we encourage change. As a society, we often do not appreciate change. Obviously, good or bad change depends on an individual's perspective. I need help picking an organizational change issue and present both sides. What management techniques would you recommend to handle the debate?

Retrospective surveys for accountability

Retrospective survey offers a degree of information gathering as well as accountability; how and when you would use this approach? Is the retrospective survey needed on every project. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach for effective project management. How would you use retrospective surveys with