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    characteristics of constructive conflict

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    Discuss 3 of the 6 basic characteristics of constructive conflict and corresponding principles that should guide a group committed to constructive conflict. Include examples for me for each one you choose, so I can understand better, thanks

    The issues are
    1. focus on issues
    2. respect for others
    3. supportiveness
    4. flexibility
    5. cooperation (seeking win-wins solutions)
    6. commitment to conflict management

    Hi I need help in understanding these issues. Please choose any 3 you want, thanks

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    The issues are
    1.respect for others

    Without possessing a healthy respect for coworkers within any team, there simply cannot be constructive conflict. Instead of constructive conflict, the group will experience destructive conflict that is predicated upon toxic relationships based off of fear and mistrust. ...

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    Characteristics of constructive conflict are examined. The constructive conflicts are determined.