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    Stages of unproductive conflict communication & constructive

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    Student discussion posts should be at least 200 words. Student posts should be thoughtful and accurate (proofread before clicking "submit"). Also, be sure to credit any outside source in APA style!
    -- Meaningful comments to classmates are not general comments of encouragement like "good post, I learned something new." Instead, your comment(s) should connect that week's textbook content with the peer's post and your own thoughts.

    Discussion prompt:

    -Compare and contrast the different stages of unproductive conflict communication and constructive conflict communication.
    -Have you been a part of (or witnessed) a conflict that was constructive at all stages? Briefly describe that conflict.
    -What would it take for a conflict to go from "unproductive" to "constructive"? Be specific.
    -Comment to a peer about his/her posts. Make sure to write about the content of their post and how it relates to what you're learning in the textbook.

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    //Conflict is often productive and, many a times, unproductive. In the following section, we shall come across the differences between productive and constructive conflicts. //


    (See the table)


    In order to make an unproductive conflict, a constructive conflict, the discussion should always be ...

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