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    Failure to Transition to an Electronic Health Information System

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    What indicators would warn you that the team that is planning a transition to an electronic health information management system is not functioning well?

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    I am not sure how long of an answer you need for this. Since it says the planning team is not functioning well, I would focus on team building. One way you could do this is to use the stages of team building. When a team is brought together to work on something like implementing an electronic health system, they go through stages before the work is done. Usually someone such as the director will oversee the team. I know because I did this a few years ago for my department. The first thing you would have to know are the stages of team development because no one thing will indicate they are not functioning well- you have to look at the whole picture. The stages:

    1) Forming- The team has just gotten together so ...

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    This solution looks at potential red flags that can indicate that a transition (i.e., to an electronic health information management system) is not going well, assessed through looking at the stages of team-building.