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    Medical Records Computer Based System

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    You are working on a hospital unit that is going to transition some of its medical record information onto a computer-based record system. You are part of the team that will be assisting with this transition. Instructions Other than the technical aspects of the transition, discuss what medical record components will transfer more readily and which components will not. Provide support for your opinion.

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    The transition from typical paper records, which usually consist of a chart with several sections,
    to a fully functioning automated system. There are some categories of information that almost always
    transfer easily to computerized medical records. However, some types of data are not easily transferred
    as the automated record either does not support such information or requires it to be translated or
    transformed into a more narrowly defined field. Vital patient data, such as name, address, phone,
    age, date of birth and other identifiers are common fields in all automated medical records. They
    transfer easily from the paper to automated medical record, because they have a limited number of
    digits or characters that can be ...

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