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computer medical records

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The office manager of the physician practice office where you work has assembled a team to assess the pros and cons of moving from paper-based medical records to computer-based medical records. The office is considered a covered entity under HIPAA regulations. You are a member of that team. After much analysis, the practice has decided to incorporate computer-based medical records.

You have been asked to write a brief patient education brochure explaining the benefits of using computer medical records and assuring patients that their medical record will still be private and secure.

* Determine what information should be included in the patient education brochure.
* Draft an outline format using bullet points for major topics, subtopics, and brief descriptions of needed information.
* Incorporate some information from HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules to reassure the patients that the privacy of their information will remain secure.

The outline should cover the following elements:
o The move to computer based records â?" why we did it

o The ways in which the patientâ??s records will be kept safe and secure â?" this is how the records are kept safe

o The benefits of computer based records for the agency and for the patient

o Information on HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

What are the techniques for storing and maintaining paper-based records when medical office transitions some of its paper-based medical records to a computer-based system? How would accessibility be affected to medical records during the transition?

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This solution exemplifies benefits of using computer medical records. References are also provided to further validate the findings.

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