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    Effective Use of Workplace Conflict

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    How can leaders use constructive conflict or functional conflict as a tool for improving team creativity, effectiveness, and productivity?

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    Constructive conflict is conflict that is used to help accomplish something, rather than being unproductive. For example, two people yelling "I'm right" is not constructive, because it does not help them move forward or reach an agreement. In constructive conflict, two or more parties work together to resolve a problem, and often come up with novel solutions.

    In the workplace, conflict arises because everyone is looking to get ahead, and sometimes actions that others take appear to interfere with what you need to do in order to do your job well. You may not agree with another person's idea because you may believe that it will not help you to get ahead in your particular position. However, through constructive conflict, you can work through this type of situation and actually help yourself as well as others.

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