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Communication and Technology

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The impact of technology on relationships among individuals is explored.

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As you formulate your own responses, please feel free to utilize these ideas:

1. How has technology affected the relationships among individuals? Has it improved or hindered effective communication?

Technology has both improved and hindered communicative relationships among individuals. When looking at the overall picture, it is a difficult situation to assess since it depends largely upon individual contexts.

First, it has improved communication and relationships in several ways. For example, it has enhanced the speed, efficiency, and the accessibility of communication within relationships. Email, text and instant messaging provide some solid examples of how technology allows communicators to remain in constant contact despite time zone changes, language constraints, and distance barriers. Thus, the ease of communication greatly empowers these relationships due to accessibility and frequency of contact. Similarly, timely feedback is also promoted at an incredible rate. Technology also seems to have improved various intercultural aspects of communication. It has magnified diversity, making global relationships more powerful and possible with online translators, chat rooms, instant messages, online forums, email, webpages, etc.

On the other hand, technology also hinders effective communication and relationships. Much of the humanity has been erased while people rely more on text, not feelings, in certain cases. Since many people rely on emails, text and instant messages, forum and discussion ...

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The link between the topics is examined.

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