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Technology and Impact on Communication

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In a 250-300 word response, analyze how the use of technology has impacted organizational communication both positively and negatively. How has technology impacted the verbal and nonverbal cues used in interpreting messages? Provide examples to support your position. Use at least one resource to support your key points. Offer some additional ideas to others in this class by responding to at least two of your fellow students' posts.
As an option, students are encouraged to utilize a form of communication technology within this discussion. Consider recording video messages instead of the traditional text, both for your initial discussion posting as well as responses to other students. Go to Eyejot.com, an easy-to-use, free online software that allows you to create video and copy and paste links to share with others. Navigate to: http://www.eyejot.com/about.html, register by clicking on "Join Now" at the top of the screen, record, then copy and paste the link to your video into your discussions.

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Technology has impacted organizational communication both positively and negatively. Consider this post, which could be answered using video, audio, or written communication. There is a wider range of communication options than every before. Technology allows us to collaborate on projects, add multi-media, check and correct our spelling and communicate rapidly with colleagues around the globe. This speed often serves to increase progress and adds to communication. We are no longer bound to geographical restraints, and even language is no longer a barrier with ...

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This solution analyzes the use of technology and its impact on organizational communication. It also discusses how technology has impacted the verbal and nonverbal cues used in interpreting messages. It provides examples and APA formatted references.

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