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    Transmission Media

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    Discuss the evolution of transmission media up to now, and prediction of such evolution into the future, as the demand for bandwidth keeps rising. Also explore signal handling techniques, such as modulation, OFDM, and MIMO, particularly used in wireless systems.

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    Transmission media is a type of physical system used to convey a communication signal from one entity to another. For computer communication there is actually two types of a very significant transmission media. They are characterized as bounded and unbounded media. Bounded media are known as the physical components and transmit information such as coaxial or fiber optic cable units. Unbounded media are entities that use media to transmit data packets through the air such as Wi-Fi or cell phone signals that use towers for conveying items.

    The evolution and future of transmission media are forwarding to wireless capacities. The impact transmission media has a significant impact on the overall networking process. Wireless ...

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