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    Transmission and reflection of a plane electromagnetic wave

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    A plane electromagnetic wave is incident along the normal to the plane interface between the two dielectrics, non-magnetisable media with relative permittivities e1 and e2 respectively. Determine the relative amplitudes of the electric field vectors of the incident, reflected and transmitted waves Ei, Er and Et.

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    Incident wave (Ei)

    Reflected wave (Er) Transmitted wave (Et)

    We know that the electric field strength vector E and magnetic field strength vector H of an electromagnetic wave are related as :
    E = √μ/ε H where μ and ε are the permeability and permittivity of the medium. .......(1)

    Let an EM wave of amplitude Ei be incident normally on the boundary between two dielectric media with permittivities ε1 and ...

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    The expert examines transmission and reflection of a place electromagnetic wave. The relative amplitudes of the electric field vectors of the incident is determined.