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LAN for local library: elements of a backbone

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You have been hired by your local library to help them setup a LAN to connect their three library sites. The director of the library, Robert Jienwerski, has a good understanding of the jargon used by network installers and administrators. Robert is very excited about the project. During your first meeting with him, he wants you to come up with a feasibility study for the new network before committing a budget to the project. He gives you the following list of questions that he wants answered:

What expansion of network services and benefits might they achieve?
What LAN protocol and related transmission speed are most appropriate for the local libraries: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or GB Ethernet?
What topology for the LANs and the WAN? What are their merits?
Explain the elements of the backbone.
What transmission media is required for the LAN? UTP or fiber? If UTP, what grade? What transmission media and devices are required to create a WAN?

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A host of services can be implemented with the expansion of the library's network. These services include, updated book catalogs, real time video and audio services, and real time daily news through the streaming of online news papers.

The best and most appropriate LAN protocol for the internal library network ...

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The elements of a backbone for LAN at a local library is determined.