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    Breaking the Chain of Disease Transmission

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    Discuss he known method used for breaking the chains of disease transmission. Propose a way to educate the general public on their role in preventing disease transmission.

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    Communicable diseases are caused by a pathogen that creates illness or leads to death. The chain of infection is defined by the following: 1) infective agent 2) infection source 3) transmission mode 4) host.

    Let's examine the 4 elements to the chain of infection and discuss what can be done at each step to break disease transmission.

    1) Infective agent is a microorganism such as a bacteria or virus that causes infection.
    A method to break the chain of infection for infective agents is to use disinfecting agents to kill the pathogen.

    2) Infection source is the environment where the infectious agent can live or breed. A few examples for sources include anther human (e.g. influenza) or an insect (e.g. mosquito and malaria transmission). A way to break the chain of infection if the source is a person or animal would be to through early detection, treatment and isolation of the infected person or animal. Alternatively, eliminating breeding sites could be another method for breaking the chain (e.g. targeting sites for mosquito breeding).

    3) Mode of transmission is defined by how the infectious agent moves from one place to another. An example would include chicken pox which can be transmitted by contact, air-borne, droplet transmission or through food and water. Methods for breaking the chain of infection include maintaining good hygiene ...

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    The chain of infection is an important point for basic epidemiology and microbiology. In this response, we examine the elements involved in the chain of transmission and discuss what can be done to reduce pathogen transmission. Lastly, we consider important elements for developing a public health message to educate the public on their role for reducing disease transmission.