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Minimalist Internet Multicast Service Model

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Which of Multicast applications in general are well-suited for the minimalist Internet multicast service model? Why? Which applications are not particularly well-suited for this service model? (Examples include: bulk data transfer, streaming continuous media,shared data application, data feeds, data feeds, web cache updating, and interactive gaming.)

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This solution discusses minimalist internet multicast service model; it includes applications that aren't well-suited for this service model as well as discussion on various examples.

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There are 3 types of IP addresses according the Internet Protocol version 4: unicast, multicast, and broadcast. As the names suggest, unicast is datagram or transmission from a single host to another single host, broadcast is sends a datagram to an entire subnetwork, whereas a multicast sends datagrams to a single IP address that reroutes the transmission to multiple hosts at the same time that are members of the group but scattered in various subnetworks. Multicasting is the principle used over the internet where data transmission occurs from a single host to multiple hosts or groups of hosts. It proves to be efficient in areas where distributed applications or services require catering a significant volume of users at the same time.

An Internet Multicast Service Model is one which operates with multiplying and distributing the same information from a single sender to many receivers at the same time. The actual process involves making use of a single IP address that receives the communication, the router multiplies the data transmission based on the number of receiver ...

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