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    UDP and Multicast

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    Describe and discuss what the UDP does and its relationship to TCP - in what ways is it similar and different, and why (what applications) would we use UDP, and why can't a user program access IP directly?

    What is multicast, how is it used, also include some of the constraints and solutions to those constraints.

    Provide a short discussion. List Web references to back your opinion.

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    There are advantages as well as disadvantages of running the application over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol). While UDP ensure that we can have much faster speeds and also access multiple ports, part from ensuring that it has better quality as there is no TCP Overhead, there are some disadvantages of using UDP as well. There are NAT (Network Address Translation Problems) associated with the use of UDP especially with the presence of firewalls on the client system (Akber.com, 2004).

    At this stage TCP provides the solution to the NAT problems, and there are no issues involved with presence of firewalls either. On the other hand the major disadvantage associated with TCP in my opinion is the overhead that is associated with TCP connection management which finally has an effect on the quality and the flow of the streamed audio.

    As far as the transport protocol used by Real Networks is concerned, Real Networks uses UDP as its preferred protocol, because of the advantages that I had earlier stated in my posting. UDP offers primarily with access to multiple ports while at the same time offering lesser overhead. Microsoft Streaming products use RTSP (Real Time streaming Protocol) as the protocol (Akber.com, 2004). This supports UDP hence we can come to a conclusion that UDP it makes more sense to run such audio streaming applications over UDP rather than TCP. I believe that many of us would agree with this considering the advantages offered by UDP in terms of audio streaming.

    In my ...

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    This solution describes the importance of UDP and the relationship to TCP. It also describes the importance of multicast, while describing the constraints and the solutions to these constraints.