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"everything over IP" to become a reality

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I am not very computer literate and I am not understanding how to answer this question as I am still trying to grasp an understanding of the material. I came across this question at the end of the chapter:

Based on Karim and Hovell's (2007) article, discuss what it will take for "everything over IP" to become a reality. Explain whether this is a realistic option for a managed care insurance company.

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As referenced by Karim and Hovell's (2007), companies are now installing massive global Internet Protocol networks to the emergence of novel routing technologies, (e.g. multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), terabit router technologies, and other interworking and intelligence layers based on distributed computing principles ? mobile, fixed, broadband and IP."

It won't take much for "everything over IP" to become a reality because much is already happening over internet protocol. In fact, there isn't much that is happening without IP; emails are often preferred over facsimiles; XM, Sirus and other satellite or internet radio are becoming more popular as more households move online to stream music or video. In fact, after 2009, the FCC will require all homes in the US to go digital. See: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/digitaltv.html

The authors also mention that, "Future networks will have a plethora of new applications and
? WWW ? agents, push technology, homework, community computing,
? telephony, videotelephony,
? home services:
? video on demand, multicast, staggercast, games, ...

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The solution discusses what it takes for "everything over IP" to become a reality. An explanation of whether this is a realistic option for a managed care insurance company is given.