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Benefits of Mobile IP

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Mobile IP is emerging as the next industry standard for the way in which wireless devices move from one network to another. Complete Case Project 5-4

Case Project 5-4:

Mobile IP holds great promise, but it has been slow to gain popularity. Research Mobile IP and the different situations in which it is used.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In your opinion, what is holding Mobile IP back?

Do you think it will become widely used?

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Mobile IP is a standard protocol and procedures which allows a mobile device to move from one network to another without changing its IP address. The data packets that will arrive at the mobile node will be routed first to its home network. From there, the home agent of the mobile node will capture the data packets and will channel those to the CoA (care-of-address) of the mobile node. After reaching the endpoint those packets will be decapsulated and will be delivered to the mobile node. In ...

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