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Verizon: Build a customer profile for a cell phone customer

The company I work for is Verizon. Can be a wireless customer or landline, whatever you can find.

In this assignment, you are asked to profile your company's current customers.

Using the information above and the information on customers you can locate within your company, profile your company's current customers. Describe using geographics, demographics, lifestyle, and behavior.

Compose your answer as a MS Word document (Arial 12).

In addition to painting a profile of your customers, we would like you to consider using a simple segmentation framework to show your understanding of your customers as "users" and the "uses" they make of your product/service.

Create a Simple Segmentation Grid of your customers. Label the horizontal axis Users and label the vertical axis Uses.


Try to keep this simple. For example, you might have three separate users and three separate uses. In any event, a simple grid is all that is necessary.

Your goal is to match your users with their uses, and to determine, hopefully, which users and uses dominate. For example, an Arm & Hammer baking soda user might be a housewife (say Housewife Type 1) who uses the product for baking (Use 1). Another customer could also be a housewife (Housewife Type 2) but who uses the product for eliminating odors in a cat litter box (Use 2).

Create your grid using MS Word.

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Who is Verizon?
Verizon, an international leader in innovation, data, communications, and entertainment; offers customers, companies and government: data, voice and video services using advanced broadband, wireless and worldwide IP networks. Each has been designed specifically to meet consumer demands for mobility, speed, control and security. Verizon employees build great networks, in which consumer's desire. Since Verizon delivers benefits on their advanced technologies, they continue to grow and drive their industry further; in turn creating value for their customers, shareowners, and communities (Verizon, 2009).
Verizon's Wireless Consumers
Verizon Wireless has millions of customers which can stay connected, informed and entertained using Verizon's Wireless Mobile Web. These consumers include ...

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