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    What is the effectiveness of CRM?

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    You are a marketing consultant retained by Verizon to comment on these approaches to CRM. Here is what happened (purely imaginary). One Senior VP has 2 VPs reporting to her. VP Blue thinks Verizon should view technology as the savior of CRM. VP Green thinks Verizon is over-relying on technology and is missing the point of CRM.

    So what do Senior VPs do when faced with this situation -- 2 fighting VPs and excess budget? (This is not always imaginary!) They hire a consultant. Your company is being paid big bucks to write a report to address this question. Dont waste time on background or definitions. Use this space to help the Senior VP deal with these diverse opinions and get on with the real work of helping customers who lose their cell phones and want Verizon to buy them new ones.

    Remember to cite sources correctly.

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    Being the marketing consultants, it would be necessary to build a strategy to be followed by the Senior VP of Verizon. It is noted that the two VPs have contradicting views and it is essential to be able to find which of the views need to be given importance to.

    Customer relationship Management, which is widely known as CRM holds an enormous importance in today's competitive world. Various changes have taken place since the evolution of CRM and various definitions of CRM have come over a period of time. The main objective of customer relationship management has mainly been to help companies maintain better and close relationships with the customers. It can be compared to the kind of relationship that is maintained by the shopkeepers and small stores with people of the locality and customers from the same streets. Creating this kind of a relationship in a corporation is close to impossible. However, with the growth of technology the CRM systems have also grown over the past and this allows the companies to apply the CRM techniques into the working. It is also essential to note that the services of a company as well as the customer interactions have a great effect on the CRM of the company as well. CRM systems also follow the main rule, ...

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