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NAT and IPv6

Today we have a big problem with advertising companies which are making profiles of people by collecting their information. With IPv6, this task would be much easier because if they found the user's identity of a specific IP address, then they would use the IP address to collect the information easier. Imagine if they know the IP addresses of your home connection, of your mobile phone, the IP address of the PC in your work. They would be able to know almost any electronic action you make.

Do you think that this scenario would be true or would be other ways to hide our identity?

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NAT and IPV6

Few people believe that NAT(network address translator) is necessary for IP security. This is not completely correct.

We can install firewall to protect our security and identity. In many cases, NAT is used combined with firewall. This probably lets people misunderstand that NAT is essential for firewall.

The main purpose of NAT is to save the ...

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