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4G Wireless Networks

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1. Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of:
a. Services and applications
b. Network architecture
c. Data throughput
d. User perceptions

2. Distinguish between the 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, and 4G WiBro networks based on:
a. Upload and download speeds
b. User perceptions
c. Backward compatibility
d. Service availability

3. Identify why the competition between the 4G LTE carriers has been so fierce and describe the benefits of this competition to the subscribers.

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1. Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of:

a. Services and applications

3G is the third generation of mobile telephony (that is, cellular) technology that that provides information transfer rate of at least 200 kbit/s and includes the technologies and standards such as GSM EDGE, UMTS, CDMA2000, DECT and WiMAX. 3G offers many services and these include include wireless voice telephone, video calls, and wireless data transfer on a mobile basis. On the other hand 4G is the successor of 3G and includes the technologies such as Wimax2 and Long Term Evaluation (LTE) Advance. 4G system provides mobile ultra broadband internet access and includes applications such as amended mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing, 3D television, and cloud computing.

b. Network architecture

3G wireless networks have wide area cell based network architecture. 4G wireless networks have the integration of both Local Area Networks (LAN) and wide area.

c. Data throughput

3G networks have data throughput up to 3.1Mbps with an average speed range between 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps. Peak download rate is 100Mbps and upload rate is 5Mbps. On the other hand 4G networks have data throughput between 2 to 12 Mbps but potential estimated at a range of 100 to 300 Mbps. Peak download rate is 1 Gbps and upload rate is 500 ...

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