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    What is Trust on an insecure network?

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    If one considers a more complex case where modern business changes so quickly, and favors outsourcing plus ad hoc relationships, then one must anticipate additional challenges. In considering unstable relationships to remote mobile users, Omar, Challal, and Bouabdallah (2009) strive to create networks with limited planning and no centralized control. The model for their mobile ad hoc network (MANET) uses wireless links and a trust model that builds a network of trust by tracking individual links. This would lead to public certificates and a form of trust similar to reputation in other systems. However, MANET envisages the extension to public key certificates that do not require management or trusted authorities. Should this concept grow, it might well become very important in the future. It might also provide value within a closed system in a department or enterprise.

    With all of this dynamic interaction, how can traditional network management and security cope?

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    Perhaps the notion of MANET is best reprised by BITCOIN; a peer to peer electronic cash system, in which bitcoins (in this case a bitcoin is an alternative currency, but could be understood as the exchange of information or a representation of a completed transaction between two or more parties) can be exchanged/transferred/sent/received between ARBITRARY network nodes. Transactions are irreversible and can be received even if your device is turned off. Trust is established by a "block chain"; a hash history of every transaction every executed in the currency, all the way back to the very first transaction, or the "genesis block". Only the longest chain is valid and must trace back to the genesis block. The interesting thing about Bitcoin is that there is a hard limit of about 21 million Bitcoins, but each Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places. The key is not in patching and fixing current platforms to cope with black swan challenges, but allowing the technology to ...

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    What is Trust on an insecure network? Do we fix and patch or do we allow technology to evolve to resolve issues in new ways?