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    Grandma's Treats: Which e-commerce environment is appropriate?

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    Privacy (Internet and otherwise) is this month's topic at the local business owner's networking group meeting. Implementing e-business solutions that protect individual's privacy have ethical and legal ramifications. Addressing these concerns can be seen as limiting your ability to use the technology of the Internet for the most financial gain or for protecting you and others from sharing information that should be kept private.

    Other business owners have varying experiences with privacy. Discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages of doing ecommerce in:
    - An insecure open environment
    - An overly secure environment

    Which environment would be most appropriate for Grandma's Treats and why?

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    //Prior to moving towards working on it, visit some online and offline sources, which can provide you with an understanding of e-commerce, secure and insecure environments. You should find out some advantages and disadvantages of secure and insecure environments. Additionally, recommend which environment will suit Grandma's Treats. I am providing you a sample on these points. See the text below for example. //

    Advantages of open insecure environment

    The unavailability of a login id and password will help the customers the website of the company freely. This will help the visitors or potential customers take a look at the complete product range. The introduction of this type of environment is inexpensive. There will be no requirement of software or hardware at Grandma's Treats. The access of customer information becomes easy in this environment. One of its main advantages is the sharing of customer information with the business collaborators. This will also help the company identify and become familiar with its customers, it will help in enhancing customer value and satisfaction (Insecure Mag 8, 2008). ...

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