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    e-business strategy for Grandma's Treats

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    Details: Develop an e-business strategy for Grandma's Treats.
    Group Portion: As a group, come to consensus on which products and services you want to advertise and sell on the Grandma's Treats website, and your overall marketing approach. Use the Small Group Discussion Board.

    Individual Portion: Assign the following portions of the plan to members of the group: the business model, the technology, the marketing strategy, privacy and security measures, and CRM.

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    Products and Services to be sold on Grandma's Treat Website:

    Grandma's Treat should display its complete range of products on its webportal to attract a wide variety of consumers, both retail as well as wholesale or business consumers. Since the online store will mainly act as a point to popularize or display the products and creating brand awareness, the company should provide as much information as possible about its range of unique products and showcase the total range on its website, so that customers can visit the portal, take a preview on the complete range and then order it either online or buy it at their local stores.

    Kindly check the attached presentation on Marketing Strategy of Grandma's Treat:

    Business Model for Grandma's Treat Website:

    Grandma Treats, which is a gourmet food company, a combination of a well designed and comprehensive portal alongwith online storefront to order products online will be most suitable. The reason behind designing a comprehensive and well designed web portal is to inform and educate the people about the uniqueness and specialities of the the Grandma Treats range of products. It will provide detailed information about each product so that whenever consumers will buy the products at their local stores, they will have complete information about the product. A storefront alongside the portal will also allow people to buy products online using their credit card. Unlike Amazon, which is a full fledge ecommerce portal offering a wide variety of products online, Grandma Treat's online storefront will be a simple yet comprehensive portal offering Grandma Treats products.

    Since consumers do not generally buy such food products online and prefer only to look for information on the internet about such products and then make the final purchase at their local stores, more attention needs to be paid on the portal design rather than the storefront and attempts should be made via appropriate search engine optimization techniques to popularize the web portal for attracting more and more visitors to the site. The aim of Grandma Treats's web portal is not ...

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