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    E-commerce in an insecure and overly secure environment

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    Privacy (Internet and otherwise) is this month's topic at the local business owners' networking group meeting. Implementing e-business solutions that protect individual privacy have ethical and legal ramifications. Addressing these concerns can be seen as limiting your ability to use the technology of the Internet for the most financial gain or for protecting you and others from sharing information that should be kept private.

    Other business owners have varying experiences with privacy. Discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages of doing e-commerce in the following:
    an insecure open environment
    an overly secure environment
    Which environment would be most appropriate for your pastry business and why?
    Post your comments to at least 2 other postings. Each comment must be at least 250 words in length. Be sure to comment on 2 things you liked about the posting and 2 things the student could have included to improve the posting.

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    The advantages of doing e-commerce in an insecure open environment are:

    1. Ease of use for the customer. The customer will be able to browse your website easier than in a secure environment.

    2. Cost of an insecure open environment is cheaper than a secure environment.

    3. A customer would "be free to look at the catalog and then make a purchase". The customer would be allowed to browse through the site and look at a catalog without the requirement of logging in to the site prior to looking through a catalog.
    Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1071406/ecommerce_privacy_and_security.html?cat=15

    4. A business would not be required to purchase software that would require secure information to be kept.

    The disadvantages of doing e-commerce in an insecure open environment are:

    1. ...

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