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Statistical Chart

What I need to do is summarize the results in a chart stating x # of participants were insecure at the start and x changed by the end of the study. The following is the information that would need to be enter.

90 Participants all had insecure attachment behavior. Group A was given no intervention, Group B was given one intervention method and Group C was given two intervention methods. There was a 90% decrease in secure attachment patterns in Group B and C. No change was noted in Group A.

Of particular interest was the information obtained at 24 months and 36 months of age. It was noted that the children assigned to Group A maintained an insecure attachment pattern. Participants assigned to Group B showed a decrease in the secure attachment pattern at 24 months (75% from 90%) and at 36 months (50% from 90%). On the other hand, those assigned to Group C maintained their secure attachment pattern through 36 months (90%).

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First, I would divide the participants by groups (A, B, and C), and by the time periods of the study.

I assume that the 90 participants were equally divided among the groups (30 people each) -- but it doesn't really matter if you use percentages instead of number of children with attachment disorder.

I think I'm reading your data correctly -- feel free to change the numbers in the table if I'm not.

* "90 Participants all had ...

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