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    Effectiveness of Workplace Wellness Tools Survey Analysis

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    Use the data gathered from the survey provided to answer:

    1. Create short introduction that personalizes what is to come. Why did you pick this topic? What credibility do you have in the specific topic area of your report? What will your key points be? What should the audience get out of your report, or how will they benefit from listening to you?

    2. Create short conclusion that discusses why you think this research is important. What did you learn personally? What were the best and worst parts of the project? How do you feel about the report?

    If it is possible, using the analysis SurveyMonkey provides, display statistical analysis by using a bar chart, pie chart, table, and explained in a written manner. A statistical analysis simply means some basic number crunching such as developing averages, ranges, and totals.

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    This solution discusses a workplace wellness survey (attached) and creates a short introduction, analysis of why the research is important, and a conclusion. It includes bar chart and pie chart and is APA formatted.