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Dye: Power & Information Control

What is meant by Dye's statement, "Great power derives from the control of information?" In your opinion, has the popularity in recent years of "talk radio" impacted the "control" of the media elite over public perception of news events?

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Over the years, many have sought to explain the ultimate source of power over others because it seems that the history of mankind is the history of men trying to exert control over other men. So, the question becomes, "What is the source of this power to control?" According to Dye, the source of that power is the ability to control information. To him, "information" is the key to control. In other words, if I can control the information you can access, then I can keep you ignorant if I wish. I can prevent you from ever seeing the truth. I can create a fairy-tale world for you to live in. I can deceive you about the reality of your existence. And I can do much to prevent you from ever escaping this form of control. Essentially, with the control of information, I can render ...

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The solution provides a discussion and analysis of Dye@s famous statement (see original problem) to give insight and guidance to the student in tackling and analysing Dye's position.