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    The Constitution, media, and sources of power and grants

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    Overview of the constitutional limitation of government power.

    Compare power national and state governments describe various types of gov grants.

    Describe about protected speech and what is meant by it.

    Explain what is meant by search and seizure (elocutionary rule, drug testing).

    Overview how affirmative action contributes to the polarizations of politics of civil rights.

    Overview of influences on our political values.

    Sources of media power, what is meant adversarial journalism.

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    The Constitution allows for the separation of state and church, and makes three different part so the government in charge of different aspects of the laws. The legislative branch makes the laws, (thought some executive orders can be made by executive branch members or agencies), the judicial branch interprets laws, and the executive branch enforces the law. This separation of branches allows for the checks and balances necessary to make sure no branch takes advantage of its power.

    While the federal government is allowed to make laws, so are states. Laws that affect cross state trade, methods, national defense, and citizens in more than one state are assigned to federal government. States are allowed to make certain laws and oversee the citizens protection within the state. Laws are made to protect rights such as voting, police protection, selection of presidential electors. The Constitution actually states that "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively or to the people."(Constitution of the United States) The federal government does provide help to states for citizens and other needs. The newest is the grants and monies paid by the Department of Education to states for improvements under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. These grants allow for the improvements in such areas as teacher rewards, teacher training, children in failing schools moving to better schools and special programs to improve educational opportunities for all students.

    Other grant programs include, block grants (used for education, community ...

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    Discussions include: The Constitution is often cited as reasons for allowing or disallowing certain actions made by government. The media is sometimes in the lead with this reminder. It may not always be correct or may be abusing its power to control government. Power is also a reason used for many different decisions by government. Government grants,civil rights, search and seizure are all power used by governments.