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    Intellectual Property Theft

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    Discuss some possible clues that might tip off a manager that an employee may be initiating IP theft.
    Involving the testimony regarding the FBI's efforts to investigate IP theft, identify two best practices owners / executives can implement to protect against possible IP theft.

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    Intellectual property rights policy protects an inventor, a singer, a programmer, and those in the arts and sciences to have constitutional and proprietary rights over his/her invention and compositions. Organizations as an entity are entitled also the same protection.

    According to Shaw (2011), there are two types of employees who would commit IP theft: The Entitled Disgruntled Thief (EDT) and the Machiavellian Leader (ML). The Entitled Disgruntled theft is an employee that is dissatisfied with their job due to a rejected request for a promotion, raise or relocation, or they were concerned about being laid-off. The Machiavellian Leader is an employee that has specific plans to use the proprietary information to develop a new product ...

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    The solution identifies how an employees may be committing intellectual property theft. It also suggests ways organizations can do, and how to do it, to deter intellectual property theft.