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Principle Categories of Sabotage

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Describe the principal categories of sabotage that can take place in corporate business settings. Which is the most serious form of sabotage? Substantiate your response.

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There are basically 3 forms of Corporate Sabotage.

1) Theft of Company Property-Sabotage can occur when valuable company property or intellectual property is stolen. The theft of intellectual property, such as an idea for a new product or service, is typically referred to as industrial espionage.
a. Physical-Could include valuable equipment or records such as customer social security numbers.
b. Intellectual-Theft of intellectual property, such as the concept or plans for a new product.

2) Destruction of Company Property-Destruction of company property could include ...

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This solution describes the principal categories of sabotage that could take place in a corporate business setting. The three forms of sabotage include theft of company property, destruction of company property, and besmirching a company's reputation. The explanation is given in 329 words.